Willemien puts her heart and soul into her paintings, her sculptures, her watercolours, and her textile works – whether they’re abstract or figurative. As she does with everything she does.

About me

Welcome to my site. I am Willemien van Trijffel, born and bred in Rotterdam.

I enjoy working with a range of techniques that I like to combine, depending on where my inspiration takes me.
You can visit me in my studio 'Kijk op Kunst', Noordenseweg 23, 2421 XW Nieuwkoop. A lot of my work is on display there, and I’ll be happy to tell you about it. An appointment can be made at 06 12390987.


I also do (animal) portraits by commission.

What drives me

The essence of stones, a journey of discovery expressed on the skin of cool stone, an exploration of tenderness, an opening to the warm core of silence to a mystic sheathing. A cleaving desire to unlock the force of nature, shaping a deep silence into speech, turning hardness into an alive, soft sensation, from inside an eternal knowing.

I attempt to give a shape to this sensing of the skinshape, both of human beings and of  nature – whether in stone or on paper, using crayon or chalk.


Viewing the nude as a landscape of human entity and the portrait as a mirror of the soul, I search for a visual language of my own, a relationship with the essence of the visible, gently exploring skin and forms as well as the deeper impulse of man and nature.


Wordlessly, I seek inspiration, attempting to express the invisible in hard stone and soft pencil. My view of this world, my way of experiencing things, is what I wish to share – with anyone who is open to it.